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 Extravagant Black Genuine Leather Rope Necklace A16423
A seductive piece - a smooth leather statement necklace from a thick rope in large knots.It is the a..
 Extravagant Black Leather and Wooden Beads Necklace A16357
Impressive genuine leather statement necklace piece.Large and outstanding, made half with beads, hal..
 Extravagant Black Leather Macramé Necklace A16196
 Intricate mesh handmade genuine leather item.This macrame necklace is a unique type of accesso..
A Leather Cuff With Laces A17247
A single leather cuff, long enough to cover the wrist and larger part of the forearm– an extravagant..
Black Sexy Warmers With Genuine Leather A18373
 A cotton sleeve vest with leather finish. Both a great accessory for the chill winter day..
Sexy Black Warmers A18222
A wool warmers, long enough to cover the bigger part of your arm or leg from the knee down.They are ..
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