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Maxi Powder Pink Kaftan A03391
A long sleeved maxi dress, reaching ankle length.Grace has never been so easy - as dresses go, it is..
Mini Elegant Faux Leather Dress A03508
An elegant faux leather party dress. The leather makes it look very sexy without being too reve..
One Shoulder Melange Beige Dress A03380
An elegant maxi party dress -  an imaginative and graceful garment with a bare shoulder. I..
Oversize Black Loose Linen Cotton Tunic A02132
Sleeveless asymmetric dress with added wide hem piece in slightly transparent material. An original ..
Racer Back Bodycon  Dress A03274
Sexy summer tank top back midi dress. Just as racy as it soundsRibbed knit fabric is perfectly stret..
Ribbed Dress with Open Back A03256
Extremely sexy and extravagant and equipped with strings to regulate the length of straps and ties.&..
Royal Maxi Velvet Dress A03498
This maxi caftan is like a timeless ballad for feminine grace and beauty.Its billowing drapes spill ..
Sexy Baby doll Little Red Dress A03375
A little flared brick red dress. The length is a tad about the line of the knees.With short sleeves ..
Sexy Black Bodycon Bare Shoulder Dress A03494
Sexy summer long dress.Polyamide fabric is perfectly stretchy, forming a bodycon dress.This beautifu..
Sexy Black Extravagant Cape Dress  A03395
An elegant cascade of drapes on the back and contrasting slim look in front - this original and ex..
Sexy Black Tunic Dress A03493
An elegant open at the front top tunic with a tailored line and length till the knees, high collar a..
Sexy Casual Tunic With a Loose Back A02200
A tunic top, comfortable, as well as suitable for any kind of official outing.Even though it is asym..
Sexy Halter-neck Dress A03579
A gorgeous halter-neck sleeveless extravagant tailored maxi dress, oozing party style extravagance l..
Sexy Little Party Dress A03220
This maxi short sleeved kaftan has the quality of the two dresses seamlessly blended into one. Like ..
Sexy Little Party Dress A03304
This maxi short sleeved kaftan has the quality of the two dresses seamlessly blended into one. Like ..
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