Aakasha is Bulgaria based Fashion brand. It started in 2012with online sales of ladies’ garments, that quickly took off speed and helpedthe company grow and develop. At present Aakashahas an online shop in Etsy andASOS and is in process of constant growth.


 In the past couple of years our brand has developedand matured, and our satisfied clients multiplied worldwide. The explosion insocial networks and blogs in the recent year further contributed to thedevelopment of our online presence.


Aakasha was inspired our desire to create clothes andaccessories with distinctive style, influenced by the minimalist contemporarymovements and simple silhouettes, which can be very original and cutting edgeat times. Our designs have deep meaning and come to life with lots of loveand creativity. They have recognizable individuality, which you can bring intoyour own life, for any kind of occasion.


Artistic, without being extreme and extravagant in asophisticated way – Aakasha is the daily challenge for anyone to dare to beunique and different. 


We are constantly expanding our line. Since 2015 year westarted producing Shoes, Bags and Statement necklaces, all in the uniqueAakasha style. We also just started our Aakasha Men line.


And we have so much more planned!



Aakasha participated in London Week in 2014 and wasinternationally acclaimed. Our fashion creations left a blazing trail ofadmiring eyes.


In2017 Aakasha was an exhibitor at Pure London Trade show. Aakasha garments,accessories, shoes and bags were abundantly featured on the main catwalk of theevent - with our best pieces, statement necklaces, asymmetric recognizable bagsand killing sexy shoes. Our sleek and elegant yet comfortable designsrocked the catwalk and affirmed the 2017/2018 autumn and winter trends.



Aakasha also took part in a Cahrity Raffle, organized byASOS Foundation with the help of India Usher, for the Udayan Care, a charitythat supports orphaned and abandoned young people in India providing them withfamily style homes and education. The proceeds of the raffle will be used forrefurbishing several rooms at the home and running creative workshops with theyoung people.

Aakasha gave away a dress and a bracelet for the winner.


Meaning of Aakasha: The name Aakasha has many meanings (in Hinduism,Jainism and others) – Space, Sky, The Human Spirit and Soul, the Fifth Element.

Aakasha represents the free spirit, the soul’s never-ending desirefor freedom and our fashion creations express it with our unique style:free and beautiful cuts, clear forms, boho dresses and kaftans, unisex modelsthat fit the body, oversized silhouettes and so much more!